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 12 Different Sentence Openers

from the Best Phonics Bargain in Town!


The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program introduces both connective and complex connective words as soon as possible into its Daily Step-by-step, 4WAY Phonics Lessons and into its Candy Story Readers


In addition, we urge you to introduce your child to all the different ways that he can begin a sentence.  When reading aloud with your child, his comprehension and inferential thinking skills can often come to a halt simply because he stumbles with connective and complex connective sentence openers


By practicing with your child these connective and complex connective sentence openers, you can eliminate a great amount of that confusion.

Here are 12 different types of sentence openers that your child can learn to use either in game form or during his sentence construction written exercises. 


12 Different Ways to Begin a Sentence

1) An adverb - Quickly they ran for the nearest cave.

2) Prepositional phrase acting as an adjective – In the pantry, the bread

      looked old and moldy.
      (Note – “In the pantry” is also called an adjectival phrase because it is acting as an

                          adjective modifying the subject “bread.”)

3) A Participle - Gone was the one person who believed him.

4) Past participle phrase - Finished with his work, Doug played a rough

      game of football.

5) Present participial phrase - Taking a short-cut, Mel soon reached his

     humble, brick home.

6) Infinitive as the subject - To lose was not his first fear.

7) Gerund as the subject - Debating his friend was his favorite pastime.

8) Adverbial clause - When the dog arrived, the boy ran to greet him.

9) Noun clause - How to avoid doing his chores puzzled the boy.

10) Absolute phrase - His painting completed, he went with his parents

          to the hockey game.

11) Interjection - Whew! That was a close call!

12) Transitional word - Rather, they needed to gain a yard.




Now that you've seen twelve different ways to open a sentence,
we are delighted to tell you about        

     a brand new INSTANT DOWNLOAD Parent/Teacher Resource!
~ available NOW for just $3.97:


     100 Subordinate Clause ANIMAL Sentence Openers

  Your students can now gain skills to learn

how to vary their sentence beginnings using

                                               1) Subordinate Clauses

                                              2) Connective and Complex Connective Words

                                              3) 100 Tidbits about 100 Different Animals


This brand new teaching resource combines connective and complex connective word phrases, varied sentence openers, subordinate clause sentence patterns, and 100 tidbits about 100 different animals.   

At Candy 4WAY Phonics, we believe that learning correct grammar and varied sentence structure is vital knowledge necessary to help every child write papers with appealing content.


Moreover, children who learn how to open their paragraphs using a variety of topic sentence openers are children who write papers that quickly progress from “good” papers to “outstanding” papers.

That's because paragraphs that open with variety

hold the reader’s attention

and make him thirsty to read more!   


Imagine!  100 Subordinate Clause ANIMAL Sentence Openers supplying a different sentence opener containing a complex connective word clause. These VARIED 100 Subordinate Clause ANIMAL Sentence Openers present 100 different animals to encourage your students to learn:

  • how to write sentences using connective and complex connective word phrases

  • how to vary the way they open sentences, paragraphs, and stories

  • how to use given animal facts to develop further science research skills

  • how to substitute alternate words to build a higher vocabulary

  • how to use animal characteristics to develop characters and plot

  • how to develop deeper creative writing skills

This package includes:

         1) a mini eBook entitled: Why Teach Subordinate Clause Sentence Openers,

         2) a mini eBook entitled: Teaching Research, Brainstorming, and Paragraph/Story Development,

         3) the eBook entitled: 100 Subordinate Clause ANIMAL Sentence Openers


        To view sample sentence openers and to read more about

        100 Subordinate Clause ANIMAL Sentence Openers INSTANT DOWNLOAD

            click here.  


We promise, this is one more fantastic parent/teacher resource

at a super affordable price -- just $3.97

To purchase 100 Subordinate Clause ANIMAL Sentence Openers now, for just $3.97

just click on the Add to Cart button below. 

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