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Lucky Boy is an incredible, heartwarming children's story of a boy and his amazing, talking parakeet.

One Review Reads as Follows:
"Lucky Boy is a wonderfully inspiring story highlighting the underlying messages of strength in adversity, perseverance in not giving up, and keeping the light of hope alive for a desired outcome. The fulfillment of joy will touch hearts of all ages." -Sharon Hennessy-Bonas, educator and director of volunteer ministries







How do you know if your children are really learning what you are teaching them?

What if your child could tell you back in his own words what you just read to him?

Would that convince you?


Narration is a cornerstone of a Charlotte Mason homeschool.


Forget workbooks, expensive craft kits, and complicated busy work.

Narration is a learning method that can be used for any age and for any subject.

And it requires no purchases or special training.

All you need is an understanding of this method to begin using it immediately.

Narration Teaches Your Children Inferential thinking!








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Every once in a while we at Candy 4WAY Phonics come across a tangible item

that expresses one salient reason why we need to learn to read. 


You see, one reason to learn to read is to be able to read

However, another reason to learn to read is to be able to write


Students need to learn to write sentences, paragraphs, essays, blogs, and short stories.  However, it's also important that students be given the opportunity to learn to write novels.  


Very few teachers or curriculums in either high school or college classes teach students how to write novels.  We have found both an instructor and a curriculum that does!


What if your high school student could spend one full school year learning to write a novel from an award-winning novelist in DVD format?  Would that interest you? 

At Candy 4WAY Phonics, that interested us!


The One Year Adventure Novel Curriculum guides students (grades 8-12) through the process of writing a novel over the course of one school year.

To find out more, click on the icon that follows.








These day, families have such a variety of books and items to choose from.

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Below are even more family-friendly online items.

If you are interested in pursuing a classical education, this is the site to visit.
The Well Trained Mind is both a book and a website.
As one homeschooling mom puts:
The book "presents a clear and compelling case for homeschooling and for classical education.
The authors lay out, in the clearest possible fashion,
a blueprint for classical education and a framework for building it.
They explain what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, WHY..."
PARENTS, The Well Trained Mind's Website includes their main book plus
links, blogs, forums, resources, and insights.




As a parent, finding dyslexia solutions may seem like an uphill battle.
If your child has a learning disability,

it is important to enable them to cope so that they can manage it throughout their lives successfully.
This website will help parents to learn as much as they can about dyslexia.






Click on the banner above for Bible Story DVD Collections
NEST Animated Stories from the Bible helps families, Sunday School teachers and home educators
to develop respect and understanding of the role of Judaism to faith in Christ.
The observance of law and the practice of righteousness and justice are presented through stories of Bible heroes
including Abraham, Moses, Ruth and Naomi, David, Solomon, Queen Esther, and Joseph.






Early Childhood Links is a directory of parent/friendly web sites.






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Read Your Children This Classic
















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A Series that has Taught Character to Children to Many, Many Years!

This website shows the books in chronological order according to their era. 




Protect Your Right to Homeschool!





An A2Z Homeschool PHONICS Blog
Does Your Older Child Struggle to Read? 




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