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If so, I emphatically believe that


are the answer to their child's

reading struggle!


You see, little Candy learned to read

and your child can learn to read, too!

Your child could be reading every word on every page, skimming through connective words and complex sentence openers, and progressing into inferential thinking.


YES, all of that can happen with
YOUR child!

However, your child will need

two VITAL tools
to entice him onto that

exciting journey:

1) He will need a tested systematic phonics curriculum.

2) He will need a teacher who emotionally cares about his progress.

    That means that your child needs
as his reading teacher.

Your little one does NOT need

a village

or a certified teacher

to learn to read! 

Your child just needs a mom (or a dad)

who is willing

to become a fellow learner with their child.

That’s because God has designed PARENTS
to instruct their own children in the foundational basics needed to get along in life

      Of course, for the most part, a parent’s one-on-one instruction in any subject area will produce better results than group instruction.

Reading, however, is the foundation of learning!

Therefore, reading is best taught to a child

one-on-one by his parent.

It has been my experience that our society has been fed a list of
FIVE terrible “reading” lies.


Following is a list of those
Five Lies
countered with THE TRUTH.


1.) LIE NUMBER ONE - Teaching reading is difficult
THE TRUTH? The subject of reading is not difficult to learn or teach.  With patience and a correct 4WAY Phonics system, learning to read can be fun and fullfilling for parent and child. 

2.) LIE NUMBER TWO - Teaching a child to read can only be accomplished by a trained professional.

THE TRUTH? Parents make THE BEST teachers for their child. 

3.) LIE NUMBER THREE – Teaching a child to read requires the knowledge of a combination of several reading methods.

THE TRUTH? Teaching a child to read requires the knowledge of only one 4WAY Phonics system for reading.

4.) LIE NUMBER FOUR –Parents and others who decide to invest in reading materials must be prepared to pay a pretty penny for those materials.

THE TRUTH? Reading material should not be expensive. A consistent, time-proven reading system is all that is needed to create a good reader. The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program is a time-proven, complete K4 thru 4th Grade 4WAY Phonics Program, and it’s designed for PARENTS and sold at a price PARENTS can afford! For less than $10, you can purchase an entire Systematic 4WAY Phonics Program (100 lessons, 20 colored story readers, multisensory tools, rhyming colored charts, pronunciation keys, phonics drill) — EVERYTHING!

5.) LIE NUMBER FIVE – A parent who doesn't know phonics can't teach a child phonetically.

THE TRUTH? Parents who don’t know phonics make THE BEST teachers, because they know their child’s feelings and fears!

So how can Moms (and Dads) make that difference in their child’s reading ability? To begin, Moms can select the one reading system that has NEVER failed to work in any language or in any country or in any time period.

          To read more click here.


                    Happy Reading!
               Carol Kay, President
              Candy 4WAY Phonics





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