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 Candy's True Story



Once upon a time

there was a little girl named Candy

 who very much wanted to learn to read.


             Candy was a typical little 6-year-old girl who was excited
             about beginning the first grade. She was looking forward
             to making new friends, learning new things, and learning  

             to read.

             Candy's parents were excited, as well, for this was the
             year that their sweet little girl would enter a whole new
             world simply by learning to read.

             Candy's mother could still remember how, as a small child,
             she had easily learned to read by sounding out letters and
             learning reading rules in:

short vowels,
long vowels,
consonant blends,
consonant digraphs,
vowel digraphs,

word families.

            Candy's mother was so excited that little Candy would learn to read

            in the same way she had learned because her own delight in

            reading had led her to places she would never have seen or

            heard about except through the pages of books.

           Candy's mother could read fluently, and she thrilled at the

           opportunity to read exciting stories with connective words and


           then to retell those stories to her children making inferences


           from the pages she read. Candy wanted everything her


           parents wanted, and her parents assumed Candy would have no


           problem learning to read every word on every page, and would have


           no problem learning to write good, consistent, creative sentences



                  On the first day of school, Candy's teacher explained to

                  all of the children in her class that there would be three

                  surprises that year:

                                  a.) Snack Time

                                  b.) Recess Twice a day

                                  c.) Reading Groups - Reading Groups
would be arranged in a


                                       circle at the front of the classroom.


          On the first day of Reading Groups, Candy's teacher divided the children


          into groups of eight.

          Candy’s Reading Group was called Group C. There was

          also a Reading Group A and a Reading Group B.

          It wasn’t until after morning recess that Candy heard

          her teacher call for Reading Group C to come to the
          front of the classroom.


         There, at the front of the classroom, all the children in

         Group C took their seats.

         Candy's teacher announced to the children, "This year

         (1956) our school has received brand new reading books!"

         As the teacher opened one of the new basal readers, she turned


         the pages and showed the children pictures of a little boy

         named Dick and two little girls named Jane and Sally.

         Candy thought the best page was the one picturing a

         little dog named Spot.

         Candy looked forward to reading the adventures of Dick,

         Jane, Sally, and their cute little spaniel dog, Spot. Candy

         hoped that she would finally learn to read.

                        Did you know that the Bible tells us that

                           "Hope deferred makes the heart sick"?

         During that first reading session, things went smoothly

         for Candy. The teacher taught her words like:

                                           a, an, the and that.

         Candy could easily remember those words. She could

         also read (recite from memory) four other words she found in her reader:

                                   Dick, Jane, Sally, and Spot.

She could read those words because Dick, Jane, Sally,

         and Spot’s
pictures were on each page.

         Candy was excited because she had now memorized

         eight whole words in all.

         On the third day, Candy could
see Dick run, and Candy

see Spot run.

         Again, Candy was told that the picture on each page

         would help her to "read" whole words.

         When Candy looked at the picture she could
see Dick run.

         When Candy looked at the picture she could
see Spot run.

         By looking at the pictures on each page, Candy could now

         "read" whole sentences like:



See Spot run.


Run Spot run.


Dick saw Spot run.


Jane saw Dick run.


        It also was a big help to Candy that the same whole words

        were repeated over and over and over and over and over


         and over again.

        Candy thought, “This is going to be easy. I like reading!"

        Unfortunately, Candy's excitement did not last long.
        Click here to find out why.




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