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Candy's Phonics Lessons

100 Step-by-Step Daily 4WAY Phonics Lessons




          The Candy Daily 4WAY Phonics Lessons are divided into five step-by-step lesson

           levels with twenty Daily 4WAY Phonics Lessons in each level -- totaling 100 Daily

           4WAY Phonics Lessons in all.  (See samples of each level below.)


          Candy 4WAY Phonics Lessons, age 4 through grade 4 cover all the phonograms your

          child will ever need to know in order to read every word on every page for the rest of

          his/her life.


          Moreover, Candy's Daily 4WAY Phonics Lessons use a time-proven 4WAY

          Systematic Phonics Approach.


          In addition, beginning with Candy's Level 2 Phonics Lessons, your child can read a

          Candy Reader after every five lessons.  You'll receive twenty Candy Readers

          including Story Readers written at a 4th grade reading level and higher.


          Candy Story Readers are unique because each Candy Reader contains only those

          words with sounds that the child has already mastered up to that given point in his

          Daily 4WAY Phonics Lessons


          This is crucial because children need to know that the effort they have put forth in

          their daily phonics lessons is enabling them to read.  With The Candy 4WAY Phonics

          sequenced, leveled Story Readers, children are regularly rewarded after every five

          lessons with a Candy Reader containing real story content -- a reader in which they

          will never have to guess at words because each reader contains only letters and

          blends they have already mastered.



Guessing at words should never be encouraged



Click each section below

to view samples of The Candy 4WAY Daily Phonics Lessons:


Level 1 - Candy's Candycanes


                                                                    Level 2 - Candy's Sprinkles


                                                                    Level 3 - Candy's Cupcakes


                                                      Level 4 - Candy's Jelly Bellies


                                                       Level 5 - Candy's Frostings



Click here to see a collage of samples from

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Daily Lessons, Charts, and Readers


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Click here to read Candy's TRUE STORY!







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