Candy's True Story

Brought the

Winning Ingredients

for Today's Children!

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Reading Program K4-4th Grade on CD-ROM is now available ABSOLUTELY FREE.

This is a systematic 4WAY Phonics Program and is that same program that taught a little girl to read named, Candy, who grew up in the '50's!

Little Candy (back in 1956) was handed a new 1st grade reader that her school had just purchased that told stories about Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot. The problem was, these stories were taught using whole-word memorization instead of the synthetic, linguistic and analytic phonics methods that had been proven successful down through the ages.

So when little Candy reached the place where she could no longer “keep up” with the number of WHOLE WORDS she was expected to MEMORIZE, she became very, very fearful to attend her reading group. At one point, she even became so fearful of the embarrassment that she began to cry in front of her classmates.

It was then that her teacher sent her away to a little white building attached to the parking lot of the school called “the cottage.” At the cottage, little Candy was taught to read using phonics flashcards, phonics blends, left-right sounding-out reading methods and NO MORE WHOLE WORD MEMORIZATION.

As a result, when little Candy returned to her normal reading group a few months later, she had gone from being the worst reader in her class to the BEST reader her class – because she had learned to sound out all the words on the page phonetically from left to right.

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Curriculum uses the same 4WAY phonics methods that were used to teach little Candy how to sound out every word on the page. When your child is finished with The Candy 4WAY Phonics Reading Program (K4 thru 4TH Grade), he/she will be able to sound out over 30,000 words.

This is a COMPLETE reading program based solidly upon Systematic 4WAY Phonics. Children are reading on a third or fourth grade (and higher) level when they are finished with the program. This is a very parent-friendly program that teaches the phonics rules and sounds in the lessons and then uses the readers, drill charts, and flashcard charts to reinforce the concepts learned in the lessons.

There are 100 colored lessons (to hear and to print), 16 colored leveled readers, plus colored alphabet charts, colored flashcard charts, and drill charts.
In addition, our leveled readers contain only words made up of letters and blends that the child has already learned to sound out in his daily lessons.

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program K4-3rd Grade is the BEST reading program on the market for five reasons:

1) Most programs that contain systematic phonics lessons, readers, flashcards and charts charge well over $250, and most programs only carry your child through beginning reading lessons stopping after the 2nd grade level.

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program carries your child through ALL of the phonograms and well past 4th grade level reading, and also allows you to print all those materials for yourself, in unlimited quantities, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

2) This program gives parents and children real story content and builds into connective sentences containing subordinate clauses, infinitive phrases, and participial phrases. It has been shown that when children DO receive these types of complex sentence structures, they become vivid writers who are better able to express complex ideas, to paint word pictures, and to convey complex relationships.

3) Many parents today did not learn to read using a synthetic, systematic phonics-first program. This program includes audio sound files by which parents can actually HEAR every letter and every word and every phonogram read ALOUD in every lesson, eliminating all the guesswork for the instructor. This gives parents the confidence they desire to teach their own child to read. In addition, an adult who does not know how to read can follow this program and teach himself how to read.

4) The 4th element of the 4WAY Phonics approach (rhyme, rhythm and alliteration) makes learning to read fun for both your child and for you!

5) This program works! If the majority of our teachers and parents followed this program as outlined in the program directions, the literacy problem in this country would almost disappear. No other phonics program on the market makes this boast.

A recent survey showed that 80% of California 4th graders cannot read well enough to perform competently in today’s basic academic subject areas.

The core curriculum offered in our public schools does NOT teach systematic, synthetic phonics. Our public schools are still using the “too little, too late” approach to teaching phonics combined with a WHOLE LOT of WHOLE WORD MEMORIZATION along with a ton of word guessing.

In spite of the fact that the United States has a terrible adult and child literacy problem, our children CAN LEARN to read fluently and confidently if they learn through a successful 4WAY Phonics method.
Does such a method exist today? It does now!



Yes, that same 4WAY Phonics method that taught little Candy to read is once again available and will build children into confident, fluent readers.

Just remember this ONE RULE:

Don’t go on Lesson 2 until your student has mastered Lesson 1.
Don’t go on to Lesson 47 until your student has mastered Lessons 1-46.
Take it step-by-step and your child will learn how to sound out EVERY word on EVERY page.

What is 4WAY Phonics?

ANSWER: Candy's 4WAY Phonics is just like it sounds: it's phonics presented in four systematic ways. It is a complete phonics program containing those same four phonics strategies that were used to teach little Candy to read. Those four strategies systematically combine (at the correct time, in the correct way, and in the correct doses) four basic strategies that enable children to read. Those four strategies are:
Linguistic Phonics, Synthetic Phonics, Analytic Phonics, and R'sA Phonics (Rhyme, Rhythm and Alliteration).

Do all phonics programs contain these four strategies?

ANSWER: Absolutely not. And yet all four strategies are necessary to hold the interest of today's children and to give them a complete phonics education. In addition, today's parents need all four strategies developed just for them (Moms and Dads) in an easy-to-learn and easy-to-teach format.
This format should include 4WAY Phonics charts, audio and visual helps, multi-sensory tools, and 4WAY Phonetic Readers that blend all four phonics strategies.

Do all phonics programs today do this?

ANSWER: No, they do not. So parents are paying out a great deal of money for programs that are missing key elements to a complete phonics education.
So start clicking away. Click on all the downloads because everything is ABSOLUTELY FREE.